Potjiekos Competition Johannesburg

Potjiekos Team Building Johannesburg

Potjiekos Team Building Gillooly’s Farm, Potjiekos Competition and Traditional Games with low physical requirements that is fit for all ages. Teams are allocated a country before the event and have to dress accordingly. Teams may also bring their own gazebos with decorations
08h45 – Parking and Entrance
We meet at Mrs. Sippi Blues at Gillooly’s Farm down at the lake

09h00 – Coffee and Pastries
Coffees and Assorted Pastries

09h15 – Ice Breakers
Fun Group Activities to break the ice

10h00 – Traditional Games
Teams compete in traditional games, including Hula Hoop Race, Magic Carpet and Bharti

11h00 – Refreshment Break
Boeries and Soft Drinks

11h15 – Potjiekos Competition
Each team receives an mystery box with various ingredients, not all the boxes has the same ingredients in in. Teams then have to swop or trade ingredients to "Cook Around the World". Cuisine consist of Greek, Thai, Mexican, African, Italian and many more

13h00 – Lunch
The potjies are judged and served with pap, garlic rolls, baby potaties and assorted salads

14h00 - Depart at Leisure