Potjiekos Competitions

Potjiekos Competitions

Potjiekos Competitions is an Affordable Team Building Activity in Pretoria with Low Physical Requirements that is fit for All Ages. Each team gets a Potjie and a Mystery Box with different ingredients. Teams have to trade ingredients to Cook around the World

Team Building Pretoria

09h00 – Arrival Coffee and Pastries

09h15 – Ice Breakers
The group stand in a circle and do various funny group activities

10h00 - Green Screen Movie Making
Teams act in front of a Green Screen and without knowing why. The video is then edited with the Amazing Race and shown after lunch - hilarious

11h00 – Midmorning Snacks and Soft Drinks

11h15 – Potjiekos Competition
Each team gets a Mystery Box with different ingredients and spices. They must select a country or cuisine and prepare that dish. The only way to get all the ingredients would be to trade with other teams.

13h00 – Lunch
The Potjies are served with Pap, Gravy, Potatoes and Salads with a Soft Drink

14h00 – Watch Edited Green Screen Video

14h30 – Depart at Leisure