Pretoria Zoo

Amazing Race Team Building Pretoria Zoo 

Amazing Race Team Building at the Pretoria Zoo is probably our most popular team building activity in Pretoria and has low physical requirements that are for for all ages. Teams start the race on Golf Cars. each team get a hamper with water, muffins, chips and Tinkies®. After the 11h00 break, we do the hilarious Green Screen Movie Making that is shown after lunch. Lunch consist of a Spit Braai with lamb, beef, chicken, garlic rolls, baby potatoes, veggies and assorted salads

Team Building Pretoria

08h45 – Parking and Entrance
Use the delivery entrance and park inside the zoo at the Waterhole. There is a dedicated car guard

08h50 – Snack Hampers
Each team get a hamper with water, chips, muffins and Tinkies®

09h00 – Golf Cars
Teams race to the Golf Cars. They have to complete a set of riddles and raffles before they take off. Teams have to to take group selfies with abstract backgrounds

11h00 – Refreshment Break
Boeries and Soft Drinks (Halaal)

11h15 – Green Screen Movie Making
Teams have to act in front of a green screen without knowing why. The video is then edited in the Amazing Race and shown after lunch - hilarious

12h00 – Ice Breakers
Fun group activities

13h00 – Spit Braai
Spit Braai with lamb, beef chicken (all halaal) and served with pap, gravy and assorted salads with soft drinks

14h00 – Watch Edited Green Screen Video
Hilarious. The winning team takes a copy of the movie home

14h30 – Depart at Leisure