Team Building Time Square Casino

Team Building Time Square Casino

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Team Building Time Square Casino
Team Building Time Square Casino

Half Day Team Building Time Square Casino

The itinerary can be condensed or expanded to suite your program

±12h00 Designated Facilitator(s) 
Our facilitators have been with us since 2009, we don’t practice "Labour Broking". This is genuinely what we pay our facilitators

±12h00 Assorted Wrapps and Soft Drinks at Vida e Caffe
Assorted Wrapps, including eggs and bacon, served with a soft drink. Vegetarian options available

±12h20 Dividing Teams
Allow about five to ten (5 to 10) people per team. The entire group would get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc.

12h30 Magic Company
Back to our childhood in a world of fairytales and superheroes, each team receives cash to buy tokens and win tickets. The team with the most tickets is the winner for this leg of the race. Team can redeem their tickets for prizes after the event

13h30 Amazing Race
Teams have to take group selfies of abstract backgrounds, such as Donald Trump, dinosaurs, or Cinderella. The Menlyn Maine Shopping Mall is renowned for its art, and abstract sculptures.

 14h45 View from the Top
Teams have to find this iconic spot with a panoramic view over Menlyn and Pretoria

15h00 Lunch and Soft Drinks at Mythos
In typical Greek tradition we share from the many platters on the table. Lunch Platters to Share at Mythos include Greek Salad, Pita and Dip (Hummus, Tzatziki, etc), Beef, Chicken, or Haloumi Yiro (Wrapp), Keftedes (meatballs), Biftekia (mince beef patties), Piatakia (thin lamb chops), Papoutsakia (eggplant filled with mince and topped with feta and Bechamel Sauce), Chicken Wings, & Chips.

Halaal Meals, Vegetarian, Vegan - included

±14h30 Video Slide Show
Watch the pics of the event on a TV. You do get copies of the photos

±15h00 Depart at Leisure