Team Building

Team Building 

Team Building Events usually highlight the company's vision, goal, vision, mission, ethics and the code of conduct and break the barriers between races, cultures and believes
Team Building Events are usually informal Fun Days with Good Food, Fun Team Building Activities and Group Laughter. Companies have a team building event at least once a year so that staff can mingle and learn about other people in their group.

Team Building Pretoria

Populat Team Building Events in Pretoria are the Amazing Race Pretoria Zoo, Green Screen Movie Making, BraaiMaster Team Building, The Voice Karaoke, Cooking Team Building, Gautrain Amazing Race and even the Amazing Race Gold Reef City

Team Building Pretoria – Full Day
Team Building Pretoria are inclusive of Arrival Coffee and Pastries, 11h00 Refreshments, and Lunch. All activities has low physical requirements and is fit for all ages

Team Building Pretoria – Half Day
Team Building Pretoria are inclusive of Lunch, and all team building activities. Popular restaurants include Turn & Tender, Mythos, Salsa, Butcher’s Grill, Tribes, Hard Rock Café, and even Rocomamas. Watch your video slide show after the event. Half Day Team Building events can be condensed or expanded to suite your program. Half Day Team Building Events are most affordable.

Team Building Events Your Venue